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Monday, August 28, 2006

Projects Galore...

I have a ton of sewing projects to keep me busy in the near future. The only thing better than actually sewing, is making a list of what i'm going to sew right?

  1. Finish my hoodie that I started last winter. I lost the instructions, at first I thought I could figure it out, but ended up buying the pattern again to get the instructions. (Done! Note: when I went to start working on this I realized I lost the second set of instructions too! So I had to figure it out.)
  2. Isaac's jeans. I'm going to post the entire process when I make these. I saw that on another sewing blog and thought it looked interesting. Done
  3. My mom's, my dad's, my MIL's Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, there will be no pics posted until after Christmas.
  4. A crib sheet. I read some easy instructions on making one and want to try. If it turns out, I may make some matching nursery stuff. Done
  5. Sweat Pants. Maybe a matching hoodie if I have enough material. Done
  6. Baby dress. I found some cute material on sale. Done
I think I will be doing 1 and 2 in that order, but otherwise I will be working on these in no particular order.


  • At 8:58 AM, Blogger 'Ailina said…

    Goodness, you are so DISCIPLINED! I can tell you're passionate about sewing. I absolutely love sewing (catharsis).

    Have you written anything about how you began sewing? I'd be interested to read that.


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