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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Superman Pillow for Sam

I debated whether or not to post this, because really all I did was sew four seams and stuff the pillow. However, I figured it may provide inspiration for beginner sewers as something they can start with.

The material was on sale at Wal-Mart, so I couldn't pass it up. Posted by Picasa


  • At 5:16 PM, Blogger andria said…

    I learned to sew many moons ago and last year my mom bought me a cheap machine at Target so I could reteach myself again. Well, I finally got that thing out last week and don't you know it broke after 15 minutes of use.

    My sons and I had just been to walmart and got the material for Thomas and Bob and Superman pillows. I am hoping the machine can be fixed because I was really getting into sewing those pillows and wanting to jump in the car and get some cool patterns.

    I like what you have done.

  • At 6:48 PM, Blogger Amie said…

    What a bummer! I hope you can get it fixed quickly so you can keep sewing. I used a $99 Brother sewing machine for eight years. Than I faced the fact that I needed a machine that could do a button hole for me, because I would mess them up every time.


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